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Vision And Mission


To be the leading school which develops the students’ uniqueness to create leaders who possess Islamic character and take part to manifest civil society.


To develop students with Islamic leader characteristics who can contribute to others and their society.

To develop students who are able to read, memorize, understand, worship and behave according to the Qu'ran and Assunnah.

To develop students who realize their potential and are able to exploit those potentials.

To organize a global school that nurture students who think scientifically, creative, innovative and are problem solvers.

To create an academic community as an embodiment (role-model) of a civil society.


To use financial resources that are halal and Thayyib.

To provide the best service to stakeholders; teachers / staff, students, parents / guardians and community.

To work hard, sincere, intelligently and thoroughly.

To lead by example, love and affection.

Learners who are open to new knowledge and bring benefits to human kind and universe.

Graduation Requirements:

Possess the Islamic characters.

Read, memorize, understand and practice Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah.

Complete the academic and non-academic target and the requirements.

Find, recognize, develop and actualize his/her own potentials/uniqueness.

Communicate in Indonesian and foreign languages(Arabic, English, French/Germany).

Do research based activities in accordance with the learning levels.